I should introduce myself, my business and my reason for building a Web site. I can just summarize the introduction here.

This is Atif Mustafa Siddiqui, National of Pakistan, living in Kuwait since 10 May 1998. I worked for different private Companies on different projects. I was born on 23 November 1976, in Multan Pakistan. My beginning education was started from Candle Junior School, I was obstinate, sharp minded and jolly from my childhood. I moved to St. Paul’s High School from 2nd Standard. I have completed my Metric from this School, mean while I joined English Language Classes from Pak American Center, then I Moved to a private College NCCS (The National College of Computer Science) that offered ICS (Intermediate with computer Science) for the 1st time in educational history of Pakistan in 1994. However I had been taking evening classis of software and hardware from Times Computer College. I had been involved in the side business of my father who actually was the Bank Manger of (The National bank of Pakistan) a Government Bank during my studying in school and college.I Studies Bachelor of Computer Science from the same College up to 1998.

My youngest uncle came from abroad and establish a LPG business in 1992 with the help of his elder brother Javaid Mustafa Siddiqui from New York, USA. I had been working with this Company as a Sale executive. I had been looking forward going to USA or UK to work there in 1997. During this period I got an opportunity to go to Kuwait and work for the Mobile Company in April 1998, I applied for this position as a trail. After few days I had been selected and got the visa. On May 10, 1998 I went to Kuwait and started working for this company. I helped my boss to grow his company; he appreciated me all the time. I worked honestly for this company; my boss always said that I was the part of this company. Almost 10 years of successfully working with this company as a manager, I resigned in 2007 and join an American Company as a group of 30 guys for Special project. My supervisors and boss were inspired with my talent and honesty, when they got another project few months later they promoted me as a senior team Leader. Now I am handling different task and working hard for this company in addition I am developing database Application, designing websites, Networking, Handling hardware and software operations as a side business.

(Last updated on 20 July 2010)

Reason to Build a Web Site

Actually if you don’t have an identity you cannot be recognized in your area. Internet is the best way to publish your business. I apply new thoughts and technology to my projects to be updated all the time etc.

The 2nd reason is that some honest and talented guys are not working where they suppose to be. I saw a lot of people not getting good salaries or having good jobs. After the long time of staying in Kuwait, I found many employers are looking for talented and experienced employees, I Build this website for such kind of people. Many Companies Searching Resumes from My website for free of cost and Calling the right candidate for the interview with good offer, many candidates get employed with the help of this website, you could be the one so hurry, submit your Resume to my database.

The 3rd reason is that I can make new Clients those are looking for developing Database Applications, building a websites or establishing the Network for their Company. Also I have created useful pages. If you think you have some better idea to make this website stronger then do not hesitate to send me an Email.